Concept / Pitch / Art Direction

New Image Campaign
Film: Anna

Saturn is the Best Buy of Europe. Its main market competitor Media Markt is also its sister company. Both retailers are owned and operated by the same holding company. Up until recently the tone of voice has always been the same for both Saturn and Media Markt. Technology for low prices. Our task was to find a different tone of voice for the market leader. Something that differentiates it from its sister company.
What we did was focus on how technology affects us. Not how great a shiny new device is, but what it can bring us, and how technology can change us for the better.
Project Details

Client: Saturn

Online: www.Saturn.de

The goal of "Anna" was to introduce the new brand direction for Saturn to the German Market. To show them that we no longer sell technology. We sell the experiences that come with your new device.
To say that you can come for the phone, but you'll leave with your new camera that will keep everyone connected to you. Weather it is by phone or with your photos on instagram. It all started with your trip to Saturn.