Mini Adventure Academy

A lesson in how a project can go wrong

1. Idea

Use travel bloggers to promote the MINI Countryman and the upcoming dakar rally with a series of "viral" video challenges hosted on the MINI Space events page.

2. Execution

The campaign is hosted on the MINI Space website. The hub for everything MINI. Tease with a series of blogger videos, challenges, facts and summary videos.

3. Result

Thousands of views for not only bloggers but for MINI. The updated content kept the MINI fans happy, and also gave the Bloggers an adventure to write about for months.

Project Details

Client: MINI Social Media

Website: www.minispace.com

This project turned out to be a big learning experience for me, and hopefully everyone else involved on the project. There are several ways to make a mistake on a project, and looking back I think we did them all. The final product might have made the client happy, but I believe there are many ways in which this project could have been improved.
The ROI for the adventure academy was high, especially considering how low the budget was. But there were opportunities that were missed throughout the campaign out of sheer lack of attention to detail. Many instructions for the bloggers were never passed on - leaving the campaign hashtags almost non-existant. I learned a lot from this project, and I look forward to putting those lessons into practice.

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