Concept / Pitch / Art Direction

2-in-1 Campaign
Christian Hundertmark

Microsoft & Intel wanted to promote their 2in1 Laptop/Tablet hybrids. With the software of Microsoft and the power of Intel they wanted to show the two worlds in which the hybrids and their users live. Power and Creativity all in one device. So with that we found three people that personified Microsoft & Intel's three core products. A Student by day and Rapper by night. A World record holding mountain athlete who is also a CEO. And an artist who surfs and rides BMX's. These are our personalities
These are their devices. And this is their world
Project Details

Client: Microsoft & Intel

Online: www.Microsoft2in1.com

From Concept, to pitch, to completion. My role in the Microsoft 2-in-1 project was from concepting ideas and pitching them to Microsoft & Intel being the lead Art Director for all three shoots in Hamburg, Austria, and Munich.
Each film presented many challenges that had to be overcome on time and on schedule. Working closely with the production teams throughout the whole process from Pre to Post-Production we achieved three unique and great looking films. And we only killed one quadrocopter in the process.

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