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Redesigning the website of the world's most iconic puzzle? Done. Ok, what's next?

Give me a challenge. Any challenge. I dare you. The more problem solving the better. Over the past few years I've taken on challenges I never thought I would face as an "Art Director". I've learned to code and solder just so I can make a balloon Orca be controlled remotely over the internet. Did I have any idea what I was doing? Not necessarily. But what was the worst that could happen?
In recent years I've adopted that motto. Not just for making fish fly, but also for trying new things and seeing what clients will agree with. Give them what they expect, and always something they don't. Most of the time, they go for the latter. I like to take chances and encourage those around me. A good design team uses the whole team.
My approach is simple. Have fun. Nothing is too serious to inject a little hint of humor. If I can have fun redesigning corporate emails for Microsoft, then almost nothing is off the table. So... let's have fun dammit!

What people say?

Rob was part of our original Urgent Genius team at iris Worldwide. He has the ability to get his head down and make stuff happen. He's switched on and is always up to date with the latest tech and trends. He works particularly well in a team. He demonstrated this when he helped Jon and I out at SXSWi to create some topical content for our Urgent Genius talk and all to a intense deadline

Grant Hunter, Regional Creative Director Asia

- Iris Worldwide

What people say?

Rob was the 1st proper Urgent Genius I managed. He got excited about an idea. Taught himself how to code. Stayed up all night and launched a site. He's well-versed in Internet Culture, gets Reddit more than anyone I know and is a huge asset to agencies that understand the need to be always on and always on-trend.

Jon Burkhart, Social Media Director - Iris London

What people say?

You should write something funny as if I said it.

Rob's mother

Bonus Content

I understand developers

If your developers use the work algorithm to explain something to you, then they're just using that word because they don't know how to explain what they did.

Random Trivia

Did you know that one of the last things that NASA had to do before launching space shuttles was to detach their inflatable owls that were used to scare woodpeckers.

Socially Minded

Before Buzzfeed did nothing but create lists - my posts earned the second most views on their site. I lost that title to myself under another username. Just because.